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About Torena AS


Torena AS, founded in 1997, is a consulting company providing services in Petroleum System Analysis, Vitrinite Reflectance Analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


  • Torena AS draws on more than 30 years of experience of Petroleum System Analysis and licensing round experience from all parts of the Norwegian Continental shelf as well as offshore UK and Denmark. Genesis and Trinity T3 from Zetaware Inc. are main basin modelling softwares. We also use Bas3D and Mig3D from Wangen (2010) for really advanced tasks (e.g. transient temperatures, thermal and maturity effects of salt diapirs, sill intrusions, magmatic underplanting). Contact:


  • Torena AS offers Vitrinite Reflectance Analysis as service. We have preparation facilities and an excellent research microscope setup with the latest within photometer technology. The microscope is operated by Torbjørn Throndsen who has more than 30 years of experience with thousand of sample analysis from research, exploration wells and onshore locations. Contact:

  • NEW! Torena AS is ready to offer services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as support for our Petroleum System Activities, but also as a general separate service for example in seabed analysis, terrain analysis (also onshore), cultural data and compilation of thematic maps for books, reports, etc. ArcGIS is our main software, but we also use various other tools, e.g. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to support our map compilations. Contact: